The unrivalled Ash & Lacy technical support package ensures that the AshJack™ flat-to-pitch roof conversion system, the AshZip™ standing seam roof system and the AshGrid™ spacer support system, either in a single system or as individual elements, accommodate the increasingly popular roof feature of solar PV panels with precision engineering.

Solar PV systems present their own set of challenges on roofs. It is essential to consider the extra roof load they impose and to configure their installation in such a way that snow accumulations, for example, will not create a "dam", increasing seasonal roof loadings even further. Correct, watertight sealing practice is another important consideration. At Ash and Lacy, we take all this, and much more, into account on every solar PV project.

AshJack™ is the ideal flat-to-pitch solar conversion system and can form a perfect stand alone solar array support system on solar farms - the most economical way to "go green" and reduce energy costs, while the existing flat roof remains in situ. The additional insulation layer(s) that AshJack™ facilitates makes a valuable further contribution to energy savings.

AshZip™ provides an exceptional opportunity to incorporate solar PV systems on almost any roof, be it new or refurbished.

AshGrid™ provides the most comprehensive spacer support system available, giving any solar PV system an exceptionally robust foundation.

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